Property Development & Building Permits

After you have determined that your business use conforms to the zoning of the property, you will most likely change some aspect of the physical location. The steps required will vary based on the extent of modifications to the physical environment. Joint meetings with owners, architects, contractors, and other key stakeholders early in the project phases are essential. Please contact us at 205-444-7648 or to get started.

  • Step 1: If any construction activity or a change in the use of the space you intend to occupy is taking place, a commercial building permit is required. Depending on the extent of work, approval from external agencies may apply. The Inspections Department can be reached at 205-444-7522 or
    1. All contractors and sub-contractors must have a City of Hoover business license; and where performing any construction work of $50,000 or more, must be licensed by the State of Alabama.
    2. Septic/sewer approval is required prior to construction or tenant improvement.
    3. The commercial building permit process will vary based on the type and scope of construction or development. After construction is complete and all inspections are approved, you will be issued a Certificate of Occupancy (CO).
  • Step 2: If your business will occupy a space “AS IS”, with no construction activity taking place, apply for a Certificate of Occupancy Business License (COBL) prior to applying for a business license.
  • Step 3: If your business will be advertising with a sign, a sign permit is required.  Sign permits are governed by sign regulations within the Zoning Ordinance. If your location is in a Planned Unit Development (PUD), additional approvals may be required.
  • Step 4: If your business will be operating from your home, an approved Home Occupation Application is required.