Commercial & Residential Development

If you are developing property, remodeling, or modifying land and/or structures located within the City of Hoover, there are several steps you need to follow:

  1. Check the zoning designation for the property you wish to develop. Visit our GIS Services site to determine the zoning designation for a specific property, or click here to learn more about property zoning.
    • Apply for rezoning or conditional use if the zoning ordinances are not in line with the desired property use. Contact a member of our Business Ambassador Team at, or call 205-739-7162.
  2. Check the sewer & sanitation requirements for your property.
  3. Apply for the applicable building permit(s).
  4. Obtain the necessary development bonds that apply to your development.
  5. As part of the application for a building permit, site plans must be approved.
  6. Once you have an approved building permit, you may apply for any additional building permits such as electrical, plumbing, mechanical, gas, etc., as required by the project.
  7. The City of Hoover inspects all construction projects for conformance to applicable building codes.
  8. Upon completion of construction and when all inspections have been passed, you will receive a final Certificate of Occupancy. This is required to apply for a business license if this is a commercial property.