Home Occupation Application

PLEASE thoroughly review this information before submitting your home occupation application

  • The application should be submitted to the Inspections Department, located at 2020 Valleydale Road, Hoover, AL 35244.
  • A copy of the applicant’s driver’s license (front & back) should be submitted with the application.
  • An approved home occupation application is required before applying for a City of Hoover business license. 
  • See Ordinance 18-2360 for full details.


The intent of the Home Occupational Ordinance is to allow a home-based business in a neighborhood residential zoning that does not generate activity or impacts such as traffic, deliveries and parking in excess of or out of proportion with the typical daily activity of the neighborhood. The activity should be transparent.

  1. No excessive traffic or parking
  2. No excessive deliveries
  3. No excessive noise
  4. No employees other than yourself and family that reside at the residence
  5. No more than (1) business related vehicle permitted on the premises
  6. Business related vehicle not to exceed (1) Ton in class / size
  7. No visible signage.
  8. No advertising using your home address
  9. No transfer of a home occupational variance to another address. If you move to another neighborhood, you will have to re-apply to the Building Inspections Department and Business License Department.
  10. No outside storage of supplies or materials
  11. No change of character or out of the ordinary issues occurring on your property to draw attention that you are running a business. “Be Transparent”

If there are complaints received from your neighbors, any approval from the Building Inspections Department along with your business license could be rescinded. You would then need to seek a “Conditional Use” application with the Planning & Zoning Commission. Most applicants move their business to a commercial zoning when the business grows larger and employees, parking, etc. are needed or they can no longer abide by any of the above items.

Zoning Administration Approved Home Occupation Application

Applications for home occupations may be approved by the Zoning Administration, provided that all of the following regulations and requirements are satisfied. However, the Zoning Administration shall have the discretion, where the appropriateness of a proposed use as a home occupation may be in question, to require hearing and approval of any such application by the Planning & Zoning Commission.

  1. General Restrictions. The home occupation shall be clearly incidental to the residential character of the dwelling and shall not adversely affect the uses permitted in the zoning district in which it is located. No home occupations shall be permitted which might interfere with the general welfare of the surrounding residential area due to potential noise, increased pedestrian and vehicular traffic, or any other conditions which would constitute an objectionable use of residentially-zoned property.
  2. Limitation of Type of Home Occupation. Home occupations shall be limited to an office, or a business of a personal service nature. 
  3. Limitation of Area. The use of a dwelling for a home occupation purpose shall be limited to twenty-five percent (25%) of one floor of the principal building and accessory building; however, no visible outside storage of any kind will be permitted in connection with any home occupation.
  4. Employment Limitations. Employment shall be limited to members of the family residing in the dwelling with which the home occupation is associated; there shall be no employment of persons who are not members of said resident family.
  5. Limitation of Patrons. All home occupations shall be restricted such that there shall not be an excess of patrons on the premises that result in complaints received due to the volume violates the character of the neighborhood.
  6. Signage Restrictions. There shall be no signage erected or displayed on the premises that in any way identifies or advertises a home occupation.
  7. Renewal. Failure to renew a business license will rescind any prior approval that may have been issued by the Building Inspections Department (permitting a home occupation), and may result in a reapplication fee at the discretion of Zoning Administration.
  8. Transfer of Home Occupational. There will be no transfer of a home occupation to another address. If you move to another neighborhood, you will have to re-apply with the Zoning Administration.