Certificate of Occupancy for Business License

If your business plans to occupy an existing commercial building in the City of Hoover "AS-IS", with no construction taking place, you will need to obtain a Certificate of Compliance for Business License (COBL) prior to applying for a Hoover business license

(If you are modifying the space, you will need a commercial building permit and will receive a final Certificate of Occupancy as part of that process. If the space will be new construction or a new development, please visit our "Roadmap for Doing Business in Hoover" for a comprehensive overview of the development and business process.)

Instructions to apply for a COBL:

  • Complete the COBL application. ($50.00 fee)
  • Must have power on space/suite before scheduling inspection
  • Schedule inspection with building inspections (205-444-7522)
  • Schedule inspection with fire department (205-444-7655 OR 205-444-7606)
  • If your inspection is approved your certificate will be available the next business day after 9:00 a.m. If possible, call the building inspections office before arrival to ensure that your certificate is available.