Report Code Concerns

How to Report a Community Enhancement Concern

To more effectively respond to and track complaints, we ask that all complaints be entered through the Code Enforcement section of MyHooverConnect.  

Please click on the link below or use the MyHooverConnect app to log the complaint.  Please be ready to provide information regarding the location and nature of the violation. The officer assigned to the area will conduct an inspection of the property and if it is determined that a violation exists, will enforce accordingly.

MyHooverConnect Code Enforcement:  CLICK HERE

The MyHooverConnect app allows us to respond to you with updates on our progress.  Please note that the process for resolving code enforcement matters can take time, especially if a case involves municipal court and/or the City Council having to declare a public nuisance.  We ask for patience as we navigate the process.  For updates on a case, feel free to reach out via the case communication function on MyHooverConnect, our telephone number, or email address.

To report noise related concerns after business hours please contact the Hoover Police Department's non-emergency line at (205) 822-5300.

Common Code Violations

Yard Maintenance Standards (Grass and Weeds)
Yard maintenance standards are the responsibility of every property owner.  Grass and weeds cannot exceed 12” in height.   The property owner’s maintenance responsibilities include the maintenance of plant material in any right-of-way abutting the property. Vegetation and trees must be trimmed so as not to impair vision or obstruct the travel of motorists.


Inoperative Motor Vehicles
Inoperative motor vehicles cannot be stored except in a fully enclosed structure that was constructed with a permit. An inoperative vehicle is a vehicle that does not display a current license tag and/or is not equipped with all parts that are required to legally and safely operate on public streets and/or cannot be driven under its own power (whether or not designed for use on the public streets).


Junk, Trash and Debris
Junk, trash and debris cannot be left in the yard and must be properly disposed of. This includes junk, auto parts, appliances, furniture, building materials, tires, trash such as discarded paper, cardboard, plastics, etc; and debris such as tree trimmings and fallen limbs.

Bulk Trash

Commercial Equipment
Generally, commercial equipment and commercial vehicles may not be parked or stored in a residential area unless they are within a fully enclosed structure that was constructed with a permit.    Home occupations are permitted to have one vehicle not weighing more than 1 ton.


Maintenance of Commercial Structures
All exterior building structures and walls shall be maintained in a secure and attractive manner. All defective structural and decorative elements of such building facade(s) shall be repaired or replaced in a workmanlike manner, to match as closely as possible the original materials and construction of the building.

Commercial Maintenance

Condition of Structures
The maintenance of a structure is the responsibility of the property owner. Any wood, siding, shingles, roof covering, railings, fences, walls, ceilings, porches, doors, windows and screens, and other exterior parts of a structure must be maintained in weather tight, rodent proof, sound condition and good repair. The property owner is responsible for maintaining secure windows, doors or other openings that cannot be readily opened from the outside. An owner may need to board up a vacant structure if illegal access and criminal activities exist.


Outdoor Storage
Outdoor storage is prohibited. Generally, any equipment, materials, or furnishings that would ordinarily not be used outdoors may not be stored outdoors. For example, you may not keep indoor furniture, household appliances, auto parts, or building materials outside.


Illegal Dwelling Units
Dwelling units that have been added to the interior or the exterior of a structure without proper permits are illegal, regardless of how long the units have existed. The City will require closure of such illegal units.  Use of recreational vehicles (RVs) or other mobile structures and buildings as dwelling units is also prohibited.


Prohibited Business
Most businesses are not allowed to operate in a residential area as they disrupt residents and the community. This means that car and boat repairs, construction of cabinets and furniture, and other activities that are not normally carried on in a residential district are prohibited.