Animal Complaints

Report a Problem

To report a problem with an uncontrolled animal or to report an excessively noisy animal, please contact the city's Animal Control office at 205-444-7760. Please do not attempt to restrain or capture animals - the city's Animal Control officers are highly skilled and have been trained to work with animals in a professional and caring manner.

A citizen's complaint about an animal may proceed through the Municipal Court process under certain circumstances. The following steps must be taken to formalize and elevate a complaint to the Hoover Municipal Court.
  1. You must file a police report that will document specific details about the complaint. You may do this by coming by the Hoover Police Department on the 1st floor at the Hoover Municipal Building (100 Municipal Drive). During business hours you may call 205-444-7700.
  2. After you have filed the report, you should proceed to the Court Magistrate's office, located in the Public Safety Center. A court magistrate will interview you and review documentation and evidence that you possess. In the case of a barking dog, you and one other neighbor, who is also bothered by the noise will need to complete a sworn deposition.
  3. The magistrate will determine if probable cause exists.
  4. If probable cause is found to exist, a letter will be sent to the owner of the animal describing the problem and citing the violations of municipal code. In the letter, the owner of the animal will be asked to meet with the magistrate in an attempt to develop a solution to the problem.
  5. If the problem persists, all parties will be summoned to court and the municipal judge will issue a ruling on the charges against the owner of the animal.

Please keep in mind that the animal's owner has the right to know the name of the complainant. The Court Magistrate Office cannot withhold that information.

Additional Information

If you have questions about filing a complaint, please contact the Municipal Court Magistrate Office at 205-444-7526.