Local Flood Information

Local Flood Hazard Areas

Hoover’s local flood hazard areas are primarily Patton Creek in the Green Valley Country Club neighborhood and the Cahaba River in the Riverchase, Chace Lake and Trace Crossings neighborhoods. Historically, in extremely heavy rains there are a few residential homes which have been affected by the flooding of Patton Creek. In Riverchase and Trace Crossings only undeveloped land has been periodically flooded. Some areas off of Rocky Ridge Road at LochRidge and LochHaven have been known to receive flooding from the Little Shades Cahaba although the last occurrence reported was over 15 years ago.

Most recently, some unoccupied land off of Old Rocky Ridge Road received a substantial amount of flooding from the Cahaba River but only the Rocky Ridge Sports Park was affected.

Hoover's Building Inspections Department can assist you in determining if your property is located within a special flood hazard area. Properties within the special flood hazard area (SFHA) are designated Zone A. If you are purchasing a home that is located within the SFHA and have a mortgage loan backed by federal funds, you must obtain flood insurance. For information regarding flood zones, contact Hoover Inspection Services at 205-444-7566 or you can review the current FEMA Flood Hazard Mapping for Hoover through the Alabama Office of Water Resources website.
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Flood Insurance

Flooding is not covered under typical homeowner’s insurance, you must purchase flood insurance separately. A complete definition of coverage provided is listed in the Standard Flood Insurance policy. Contact your local Inspection Services Department for information on obtaining a copy.

Direct physical losses by "flood" are covered. Coverage is available for single family dwellings, other residential, non-residential and small business. Contents coverage is available (per unit) for residential, non-residential and small business.