Bluff Park Cemetery

Bluff Park Cemetery, also known as Oxmoor Heights Cemetery, is a little cemetery in one of the oldest communities in Hoover. Listed on the Alabama Historic Cemetery Register, Bluff Park Cemetery is located at the corner of Tyler Rd and Fancher Dr. There are approximately 83 gravesites. A burial listing can be found on

Cemetery History

According to History of Hoover and It's People, the land was donated by Professor Harper, who taught at Summit School, around 1898-99. Around 1989-1990, the City of Hoover was asked to help maintain the gravesites. Vadie Honea, Director of Research at the Hoover Historical Society, writes:

"This [inventory] was done several years ago when some of the descendants of those buried there approached the City of Hoover to give assistance in keeping the grass cut among the graves as those who had done this in the past had grown so old and did not have the resources to hire it done.

The city decided it could not do this unless it owned the property. It was difficult to gain title to the property as the person who had given it to be used as a cemetery had died before recording a deed. After considerable research all the living descendants were contacted and signed an agreement for title to be transferred to the city."


An inventory was recorded by Marion Carol Dickas, GSA Troop #407, and on January 22, 1992, a Quit Claim Deed was filed in Jefferson County transferring ownership of the cemetery from Jessie Harris Harper to the City of Hoover. On May 29, 2003, Bluff Park Cemetery was reviewed and listed by the Alabama Historical Commission.

More Information

This information was provided by Vadie Honea, co-founder of the Hoover Historical Society. Questions should be directed to