Historical Districts

Hoover is a relatively new city, but community roots are deep. The Park Avenue and Shades Crest Road Historical Districts are part of Hoover's community landscape.

Park Avenue

The Park Avenue Historical District includes 51 structures built between the early 21st century to post World War II period.

The 1885 sale of Gardner Hale's land began the housing development. The 33-acre 1924 Independent Presbyterian Church Children's Fresh Air Farm and 1923 Bluff Park Elementary School were the most significant buildings.

Other houses of interest are the Overseer's House, the Hale Joseph House, and the Hoover-Randle House. All are listed on the Alabama Historical Commission Registry.

Shades Crest Road

The Shades Crest Road Historical District includes a portion of Shades Crest Road that was once known as Indian Wagon Trail. Summit, now Bluff Park, was a resort known for its view, cool air and healing mineral water.

In 1899, a school / church was built. In 1909, Bluff Park Hotel was built on land settled by the Hale family. It was lost to fire in 1925.