Other Violations

Common Misdemeanor Offenses

The Hoover Municipal Court handles misdemeanor criminal cases that occur within the city limits. The most common misdemeanor offenses that occur are DUI and alcohol related offenses and minor drug offenses. If you have been arrested for an offense, you must appear in court on your court date.

If you have an outstanding warrant, you must turn yourself in on the warrant and post the appropriate bond. If you have any questions concerning a warrant, you may contact the Hoover Municipal Court office at 205-444-7526. If you wish to obtain a warrant, you must first file a police report.

Felony cases are heard by the county court in which the offense occurred. Hoover is situated in both Shelby County and Jefferson County. Felony cases are investigated and referred by the Hoover Police Department.

Legal Advice

The court office cannot provide legal advice. If you have a question concerning a legal aspect of your case, you must contact an attorney. If you are unsure about how to acquire an attorney, you may contact the Birmingham Bar Association at 205-251-8006.