Trash & Recycling Services

The City of Hoover provides to all homes within the city limits the following services free of charge: 

  • Twice-weekly curbside garbage collection.
  • Once-weekly recycling collection (mixed-stream pickup on 2nd collection.)
  • Limbs/brush removal and bulky item pickup available by request.
  • Bagged leaves picked up curbside (over 10 bags requires scheduling a pickup).  

Please visit MyHooverConnect to request services or report issues.

How Collection Works

Amwaste is your Garbage Service Provider. 

If your cart is broken and needs to be replaced, please submit a request to the MyHooverConnect available on your desktop or mobile app. You may also contact us via phone or email.

•    Your first collection service of the week will be for household garbage and small bulk/brush – everything collected that day will be taken to the landfill. If you have more than 10 bags of debris outside of the cart, please let us know so we can schedule a bulk pick up.

•    The second collection service will be for a “mixed stream” – everything collected that day will be transported to RePower South and sorted to separate recyclables from waste. While both pickups allow for the removal of waste, only the second collection will be sorted to extract recyclables. NO bags outside of the carts will be picked up on the second pickup of the week. Residents who want to participate in the recycling process are encouraged to retain recyclables until the second collection day each week. No need to sort/clean recyclables – RePower South accepts bagged recycling and household waste co-mingled. For more information about this state-of-the-art facility, please visit and watch the on line videos of the process.  

Placement/Collection Specifics

•     Routes may begin as early as 7 a.m., so be sure to have the materials out for collection by 6:30 a.m. of your scheduled service days.

•    Carts should be placed on the curb with the arrows on the lid pointing to the street and no more than 3’ from the curb.

•     Carts should not be placed in the right-of-way (which includes sidewalks); on a storm drain cover; in the gutter; under a low-hanging utility line or other obstruction; on a steep slope; on an elevated platform; or within 6’ of any fixed objects such as a mailbox, hedges, retaining wall, vehicle parked on street, etc.

•    Loose debris (leaves, pine straw, small limbs, etc.) should be bagged and placed in the cart for collection.

•    All household garbage and recycling should be bagged to minimize litter during collection.

•    No single bag/container may exceed 50 lbs.

•     Backdoor service is an elective service provided directly by Amwaste. This is an extra fee for workers to collect your trashcan at your backdoor if you are unable to get the trashcan to the road. This service must be setup in advance; contact Amwaste at 205-788-1400. The City of Hoover does not manage billing for this service.

Bulk Collection (Large Debris/Limbs/Appliances)

•     Submit a Trash/Debris collection request to MyHooverConnect.

•     Landscaping and/or construction debris is to be removed by the contractor performing the service. Please advise the contractor of this responsibility when arranging for service. Only homeowner-generated materials should be scheduled for pick-up.

•    Materials should be placed no more than 3’ from the curb and in an area with no overhead obstructions.

•    Branches may not be longer than 6’ in length.

•    Cross ties (railroad ties) will NOT be collected, as they contain creosote and are not accepted by landfills.

•    A roll-off dumpster should be utilized for construction/renovation projects generating significant debris.

•    Any refrigerated appliance will require a Freon removal tag issued by a certified technician.

•    Large bulk/limb piles are scheduled to be collected in no more than 10 days.

•     Any bagged debris of 10 or more bags will need to be scheduled through MyHooverConnect.

Accepted/Not Accepted

•    These materials WILL BE collected: rolled carpet; glass doors (glass must be broken and placed in a cardboard box); alkaline, manganese and carbon-zinc batteries; fluorescent bulbs; household amount of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers; moving boxes (broken down); packing materials (bagged); appliances (refrigerated appliances require a Freon removal tag issued by a certified technician) and mattresses. If you have questions or are unsure, call 205.739-7311 for clarification.

•    The following materials WILL NOT BE collected: large amounts of construction debris: blocks, bricks, concrete, piles of dirt, tile, tires, etc.; more than household amounts of hazardous waste; car batteries; large car parts (engines, rotors, etc.); landscape ties/cross ties; needles; and animal carcasses. This is not an exhaustive list. If you have questions or are unsure, call 205.739-7311 for clarification.

Leaf Collection

Residents must bag leaves and place them curbside for collection.   Once your bagged leaves/debris are curbside, place a request for pick up through MyHooverConnect.

Your Amwaste team sincerely appreciates the opportunity to serve you and the City of Hoover!