Residential Permits

A general contractor and all subcontractors must be licensed by the City of Hoover and must also have the required state license(s).

New Residential Construction

Prior to building a new home in Hoover the following items must be submitted to the Building Inspections Department:

  • 2 sets of plans - 18" X 24" (minimum)
  • A plot plan (showing the proposed location of the home on the lot)
  • Completed application for building permit
  • Completed application for land disturbing permit, if applicable
  • Sewer or septic tank approval
  • Stair and wall detail (section of stair and wall, usually included in most plans already)

On your plot plan you must note the location of all erosion control measures, providing a best management plan (BMP). Upon receipt of your application and supporting documentation, the contractor must call to schedule an appointment with the Building Inspections Department to have an inspector inspect the erosion control measures to be installed on the lot. The erosion control measures must be approved before a building permit will be issued. Installation of the erosion control measures is the only activity permitted on the lot prior to receiving a residential building permit.

Residential Additions

For residential additions affecting the exterior of the home, the following items must be submitted to the Building Inspections Department

  • 2 sets of drawings of the proposed additions - 18" x 24" (minimum)
  • A completed building permit application
  • A completed land disturbing application, if applicable
  • A survey of the property showing the location of existing structures - the location(s) of proposed addition(s) should be drawn or overlaid on this survey
  • Sewer or septic tank approvals, if applicable

Note: This includes accessory structures, either attached or detached - for example, garages, storage structures, swimming pools, etc.

Residential Interior Remodeling

For interior residential construction, the following items must be submitted to the Building Inspections Department:

Common Permit Application Types


  • Completed Building Permit application
  • Survey – showing proposed location of fence
  • ARC/HOA Approval (if required)

Deck Addition/Replacement

  • Completed Building Permit application
  • (2) sets of plans - 11" x 17" (minimum)
  • Survey (addition or covered)
  • ARC/HOA Approval (if required)

Swimming Pools

  • Completed Building Permit Application
  • Completed Land Disturbance Permit Application
  • Survey – showing proposed location of pool & pool equipment
  • ARC/HOA Approval (if required)

Generator Install

Architecturally Controlled Neighborhoods

If constructing a residence in an architecturally controlled neighborhood, approval of the architectural control committee is required. Receipt of final approval from the architectural control committee must be documented before a permit may be issued. Please contact us at 205-444-7586 regarding the subdivisions that require this additional approval.

If constructing a residence that is not in an architecturally controlled neighborhood, measures to ensure compliance with the Hoover Tree and Landscaping Ordinances (i.e. tree save areas, etc.) must be noted on the plot plan.

Additional Information

A certified, post-foundation survey is required for all new construction including construction activity that alters the footprint of the building. No rough inspections will be scheduled until the post-foundation survey has been received and approved by this office. Construction should be discontinued until the survey has been reviewed and approved by the Building Inspections Department.

For additional information, call 205-444-7586