Sign Permits

Permit Requirements for Signs

A Sign Permit must be obtained prior to displaying a new sign within the City of Hoover. Alterations to existing signs, whether attached wall signs or business locator signs, also require a Sign Permit - this includes any changes in size or change in lettering on signs, such as with a business name change.

Sign Permits and permitting information can be obtained by calling 205-739-6841 or 205-444-7566. If changes are to be made to a non-conforming, pre-existing sign, the new sign must comply with the city's current zoning ordinance and zoning regulations.

Prohibited Signs

Signs prohibited in the City of Hoover include all miscellaneous signs, posters, banners, pennants, balloons, and signs located in public areas or public right-of-ways.

New Business Opening

A new business operating in the City of Hoover may display a temporary grand opening sign but a Sign Permit must first be obtained. This temporary sign cannot be one of the prohibited signs listed above. Furthermore, the temporary sign cannot be any larger than 32 sq. ft. and is only allowed for a two-week period.

For questions and complaints regarding zoning ordinance violations and prohibited signs please direct your inquiry to 205-739-6841.