The Hoover Municipal Code requires that the Building Inspections Department inspect and approve all construction work performed within the City of Hoover.  Inspections are part of the approval process and are included in the permit price.  Your permit is not complete until your work has passed all required inspections. 

Please call our office during regular business hours to schedule inspections at 205-444-7522. The Building Inspections Department requests at least 24 and preferably 48 hours notice for all inspections. In order to schedule an inspection, the contractor must provide the permit number and job address to the scheduling clerk.  Each contractor and subcontractor is responsible for requesting their own inspections.  Inspection requests are not accepted via email or voicemail.

A qualified City of Hoover inspector will be dispatched to the appropriate job site at the scheduled time. The inspector will document the approval or disapproval of the work performed and, if disapproved, will note the area(s) of deficiency.

Re-Inspect Fees

To maintain our high level of inspection service and to reduce the number of unnecessary site inspections, a re-inspection fee of $75.00 can be issued for the following reasons:

  • Failure to fully correct any previously noted deficiency recorded in the Inspection Report.
  • Disregard by the contractor/owner to ensure correction of a inspection or plans examination report.
  • Incorrect inspection permit number/address supplied to The City.
  • Work is not ready for inspection on requested inspection date.
  • Failure of contractor/owner to ensure safe accessibility to an inspection site.
  • If the work to be inspected has been covered or concealed prior to the inspection.
  • If the approved stamped plans and permit card are not on the jobsite