Pilates and Yoga


Fitness based class will cover the basic principles and traditional exercises of Pilates. You will learn correct body alignment and technique, appropriate breathing, muscle control, body and postural awareness, how to engage the core muscles that support, strengthen and stabilize the spine and pelvis, and how to coordinate breathing and movements. The progression will include modifications and more challenging versions of each exercise.


Great class for beginners and intermediate level. You will learn flowing patterns and controlled variations of the different yoga postures to develop a powerful and graceful body. Participants will be working on flexibility, balance and strength.

Yoga Core Challenge

This class will integrate the benefits of yoga with the advantages of muscle conditioning for a strong well-aligned body. In this 75 minute class, you will alternate a series of yoga postures with free weight lifting. With these highly effective movements, you will release tension, loosen your joints and develop strong flexible muscles.