Site Plan Review Process


____ Building Permit Application

____ PDF Digital Site Plan (ANSI D or ARCH D paper size and appropriate scale)

____ Hard Copy of Site Plan (ANSI D or ARCH D paper size and appropriate scale)


1.  Submission: Prior to commencing any earthwork or construction of any building or structure, applicants are required to submit an application for a Building Permit.  Permit applications for excavation and/or construction shall be accompanied by a site plan showing all pertinent information necessary to ensure the site will conform to the requirements of the Zoning Ordinance and Erosion Control BMPs. Six (6) copies of the site plan sealed and signed by the Engineer shall be submitted to the Building Inspections Department Clerk.  Additionally, the applicant shall send a digital copy of the site plan, in PDF format only, to the City Planner and the City Engineer.  The PDF of the site plan must have an appropriate page size format (ANSI D or ARCH D) and appropriate scale. Digital plans may be submitted in one of the following ways:

  • Direct email with PDF attachment (10MB or smaller)
  • Direct email with link to file sharing platform
  • Submittal of thumb drive or DVD with digital plan set
  • Please contact the City Planner at 205-444-7648 or email to get started.

2.  Site Plan Review:  The copies of the site plan will be distributed to the Departmental Review  Team consisting of the City  Planner, City Engineer, Fire Marshal, Landscape Architect, and Building Inspections Plans Examiners.  Review will occur simultaneously amongst the departments.  All comments on the plans made by reviewing departments will be collected by the Building Inspections Department Plans Examiners and sent to the applicant.  The applicant may contact members of the Departmental Review Team to go over comments and develop solutions.  Additional iterations of the site plan may be required by the Departmental Review Team for review.

3.  Final Site Plan:  Once all comments are addressed, the applicant shall submit three (3) finalized physical sets of the site plan and a final PDF to the City Engineer, Chris Reeves.  This plan will be stamped as reviewed by all of the following departments:  City Planning, Fire, Engineering, Landscape Architecture, and Building Inspections. ALL departments will only sign plans once they are satisfied that all of their comments have been addressed.  Upon receipt of all signatures, the sets shall be submitted to the Building Department Clerk and a permit may be issued.

4.  Special and Conditional Uses: Site plans for Special Uses require approval of the Planning Commission. Site plans for Conditional Uses require approval of the Planning Commission and the City Council.  These site plans will be reviewed in conjunction with the timelines established in the Zoning Ordinance for their respective application submittals. Though the applications for Special and Conditional Uses are delivered to the Zoning Clerk, the site plans to be reviewed by the Departmental Review Team still need to be submitted to the Building Department Clerk.

Plan Review Team

We are located at: 2020 Valleydale Road, Suite 103; Hoover, AL 35244

RoleNameContact Information
Building Department ClerkBeth / 205-444-7586
City EngineerChris / 205-444-7896
City PlannerMac /205-444-7648
Building Department Plans ExaminerRichard / 205-444-7649
Landscape ArchitectRip Weaver / 205-444-7743
Fire MarshalMark / 205-444-7606