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Rental & Staffing Fees
Payment of Services 
A rental request form must be completed by organizers to request event dates and/or city staffing. A non-refundable deposit fee must be submitted with the rental request form when securing space at the Hoover Metropolitan Stadium and Veterans Park on Valleydale. Deposits will be applied towards event rental fees.  Checks should be payable to City of Hoover.

The balance of rental and staffing fees must be received at least seven (7) days prior to event date. All rental and staffing fees should be payable to City of Hoover.

 Hoover Metropolitan Stadium - Deposits & Rental Fees
Banquet Room Rental
Deposit (non-refundable) $200.00
Event where alcohol is on-premise
Event where alcohol will not be on-premise
Normal business hours without alcohol
Additional three hours set-up time
Facility Rental
Deposit (non-refundable) $200.00
Per parking lot; upper, lower
Picnic area - alcohol not on-premise
Picnic area - with alcohol on-premise
Light usage

Veterans Park on Valleydale - Deposits & Rental Fees
4-Hour Rental 
Type Fee
Deposit (non-refundable) $250.00
Veterans Park Course $250.00
Barn Pavilion $80.00
Modern Pavilion $80.00
Both Pavilions $150.00
8-Hour Rental 
Type Fee
Deposit (non-refundable) $500.00
Veterans Park Course $500.00
Barn Pavilion $150.00
Modern Pavilion $150.00
Both Pavilions $290.00

Staffing Fees
Depending on the projected event attendance and the nature of the event, the city reserves the right to require that city personnel be on-site during an event for public health and safety reasons. When such personnel are required by the city, the following fees will apply.

  • One police officer
  • $35 per hour per officer
  • Four-hour minimum
Emergency Medical Services
  • Minimum of two fire-medics
  • $35 per hour per fire-medic
  • Four-hour minimum
Public Works
  • Two public works employees
  • $25 per hour per employee
  • Four-hour minimum

Equipment Fees
Type Fee
Steel Barricades* $500 for 50
Orange Traffic Cones* $500 for 100

*Rental based on availability