City-Wide Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan Documents

Comprehensive Plan (Adopted 07-2019) (Amended 12-2020)
Bike & Pedestrian Plan (Adopted 07-2019)

Supporting Documents:

Population and Economy Study
Library Strategic Plan
Major Street Plan Summary
Transit Report
New Stormwater Permit Q&A
Literature Review
Town Hall Input Summary
Town Hall Input Raw Data
Online Survey Results
Lorna Road Report
Community Advisory Committee Comments

Press Release - July, 2019

Mayor Frank Brocato proudly announces the City of Hoover has adopted its first ever Comprehensive Plan.

After a nearly two year process, the 9-member Planning and Zoning Board unanimously approved the 178-page document at its monthly meeting Monday night, July 8, 2019.

 The plan outlines goals and provides guidance for smart, sustainable development and redevelopment city wide. It also places a high priority on quality of life and management of continued growth.

 City growth and development is a partnership between the citizens, city government and the development community; this plan seeks to protect and enhance the City of Hoover without placing undue regulatory burdens on the private market.

 It is important to remember this is a living document that will be revisited and refined for many years to come.

Mayor Brocato made the adoption of a comprehensive plan a centerpiece of his administration, and he championed the creation of the first in-house City Planner position on the city’s staff

 “As the Mayor Hoover, I promised we would undertake a planning process to guide future development, emphasize redevelopment, and grow our city in a smart and responsible way,” Brocato says.

 “Under the leadership of Chairman Mike Wood, the Hoover Planning Commission has adopted a plan that does all of these things. I am very grateful to the Planning Commission, City Planner Mac Martin, the stakeholders who volunteered as part of this process, and all the members of the public who made their voices heard and contributed to such a great outcome. This is a very exciting plan that will serve us well as we continue Building Community Together.”