Food & Alcohol Sales & Consumption

  • Step 1: For businesses who wish to serve food, including the operation of food trucks:
  • Step 2: For businesses who wish to sell alcohol for on-site or off-site consumption an alcohol license from the ABC Board is required. Approval from the Hoover City Council is required as a part of this process. Please note this process can take 3-4 weeks for a standard request, assuming all required documentation has been submitted and no conditional use approval is required (Click here for full details.).
    • Step 1: Check the zoning designation and requirements for the property. Conditional Use may be required and will take additional time. Contact or call 205-444-7648.
    • Step 2: Obtain a Criminal History Release Form from the City Clerk’s Office, to be signed and notarized by all executives. Email or call 205-444-7500.
    • Step 3: ALL alcohol license applications must be submitted to the State of Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board. Call 205-942-7955 to make an appointment.
    • Step 4: Bring a copy of the State application (with confirmation number) and completed Hoover Criminal History Release Form(s) (see step 2) to the City Clerk for processing. Background checks will be completed and the application will be presented to City Council for approval. The City Clerk will notify the ABC Board of the decision.
    • Step 5: Work with the ABC Board to complete the process and, if approved, obtain the alcohol license.
    • Step 6: Obtain the applicable City of Hoover business license(s).