Stormwater Sewer & Maintenance

A stormwater system consists of natural and manmade structures/systems that facilitate the travel of storm water runoff to natural water bodies such as lakes, wetlands, streams, rivers, ponds, etc.  Stormwater conveyance structures/systems include roadways, curbs, gutters and storm sewers.

Storm Sewer refers to the gutters, ditches, drains, culverts, and pipes that are designed to divert and steer the flow of rainwater runoff.

Storm sewers and sanitary sewers are two completely separate drainage systems.  Storm water flowing through storm sewers receives no treatment before entering streams.  Sewage in the sanitary sewer system receives extensive treatment prior to being discharged into streams. Information regarding Sanitary Sewers is available on the website.  

For issues regarding storm sewers within the public right-of-way contact the Public Works Department 205-444-7543 or through My Hoover Connect.

Additional Information

Please do not put grass clippings, leaves, etc. in the storm sewer drains. This impedes the flow and clogs the drains.

Call 205-739-7311 if you need to request special collection of limbs and brush. It is a violation of EPA and ADEM regulations to discharge any non rain water substance(s) into storm water flows. Only rain water is allowed into the storm water drainage system. Help us, help you in keeping our storm drains running smoothly.