Hoover Arbor Day

The Hoover Beautification Board works with Hoover Landscape Architecture & Urban Forestry staff and Hoover City Schools staff to organize annual Arbor Day celebrations at public schools and at Aldridge Gardens. Since 1998, these celebrations have helped Hoover retain its status as a 'Tree City' in the Arbor Day Foundation's Tree City USA program. The school and community celebrations work to educate children, youth and adults about forest trees and urban trees, and about the importance of cities maintaining healthy urban forests.

The Arbor Day Essay Contest

Hoover's Arbor Day essay contest is conducted at the 4th Grade level with all elementary schools in the Hoover City Schools System invited to participate. School faculty along with a panel of Beautification Board members read and judge each essay to determine an overall contest winner and winners from each school. Contest winners are honored at the community Arbor Day celebration and receive an assortment of prizes for their work including cash, tree identification books, an Aldridge Gardens membership, plants, etc... Prizes are provided by local sponsors and the Beautification Board.  Each winner is invited to read his or her essay at the community celebration.

Arbor Day Ceremonies at Hoover Schools

Each of Hoover's 17 schools is encouraged to organize their own Arbor Day celebration on campus.  These celebrations always include a ceremonial tree planting led by Hoover Landscape Architecture & Urban Forestry staff.  Utilizing larger caliper trees, the plantings have proven effective at enhancing campus landscapes and at teaching students the do(s) and don't(s) of tree planting and care.  The Beautification Board provides one tree to each participating school.  Board members attend and assist with each school celebration. The Hoover Beautification Board also produces a comprehensive 'Arbor Day Report' detailing Hoover's annual Arbor Day celebration activities.