Inquire about our many fitness offerings and classes by visiting the Recreation Center Front Desk or by contacting our certified fitness staff.

Group Fitness Schedule

You can find the current group fitness schedule HERE

Fitness Orientation

The Hoover Recreation Center offers all members a variety of individual and group fitness programs. New members can take advantage of our fitness orientation to familiarize themselves with the different facets of training offered at the Recreation Center.

Personal Training

Personal Training is also offered through our fitness center. Certified trainers are available to assist members in devising a personalized training program that best suits their fitness needs.

If you sign up for 12 or more personal training sessions, a free fitness assessment will be performed before the first and after the last session. Fitness assessment is a great tool for determining your current fitness level. By identifying your strengths and weaknesses, a trainer can better determine what areas to focus on.

Fitness Motivators

Our fitness staff will assist you in organizing a fitness challenge that will encourage you to cross-train in your workout. Whether you swim, workout in the weight room or do aerobics, you will want to sign up for this program. It will motivate you to work out to accomplish your personal fitness goals and relieve the stress of your busy lifestyle. Each member who successfully completes the challenge will receive a prize from the fitness staff.

FITZONE - One-on One Virtual Training Studio

Whatever your fitness level, whatever your goal, with the FITZONE you can experience one-on-one personal training using the Xbox Kinect Fitness System. This virtual training studio offers classes in Zumba, Yoga, Cardio and much more. Get in the ZONE!

Your Shape Fitness Evolved
Beginner and Intermediate Level Training

Nike+ Kinect Training
Advanced level fitness training


Experience one-on-one Zumba and Yoga to fit your busy schedule. Virtual classes offered everyday at your convenience. Inquire at the front desk or speak to our fitness staff about the free 10 minute orientation. Designed for all fitness levels!

Personal Zumba

Private Yoga