Over The Mountain Competitive Flag League

2022 Fall OTM Competitive Youth Flag Football League

OTM Flag Football is a competitive youth flag football league for the surrounding communities of the Birmingham area. Players register as teams thus providing their own coach. We are offer competitive divisions for Grades 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th/8th. And Ages 7U, 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, and 12U/13U.  Below is the age chart. 

Please note that for the Southeast Championship Flag Football Tournament in November and most travel youth flag football tournaments will take teams based on age only.

Registration is open. Competitive teams practice as much as they can in the summer to avoid multiple competitive and recreational practices in the fall. Competitive games will begin in mid September. Competitive game are during the week. With the idea of keeping the weekends open for teams to participate in travel baseball or flag football tournaments. Practices are determined by your local park. The last day to register your competitive team is Wednesday, September 1st.    

We highly recommend competitive flag football teams to participate in it's local youth flag recreational leagues. Please let your local flag football director know that you have a competitive team. So if you have a 3rd grade OTM team, you will need to let your local flag football rec league director know that your players cannot practice on Wednesday nights due to OTM games.

With that being said cost is as follows. If your team participates in the OTM league and plays in your local youth flag recreational league the cost is $300 per team. For example, a Vestavia 4th grade team plays in the 4th grade OTM league and the local Vestavia 4th grade rec league than the OTM team registration fee is only $300. If that same Vestavia team does not play in their local rec league and plays in the 4th grade OTM league only than the team fee is $600.

If you have a strictly competitive team only and plan on playing in travel flag football tournaments. You have the option of playing in multiple OTM leagues to reduce the team registration fee. For example, a 5th grade team can play in the 5th grade OTM league for the team fee of $300 and play up in the 6th grade OTM league for the team of fee of $300 for a total of $600 for the team. As opposed to playing in just the 5th grade OTM league for $600.

There are 2 types of competitive youth flag football teams. You have the one type of team where most the kids are friends on the team and are looking for more competition than just the local flag league and would want to play in the Southeast Championship Flag Tournament in November to see how many games they can win and have a fun time. These teams should play in their local rec league and in the OTM league. 

The other type of team, is the team that collects the best athletes regardless who are friends or not. This team is looking at playing in multiple flag football travel tournaments this fall and are seriously considering playing at Nationals in Panama City in January. These type of teams should sign up for 2 competitive leagues and forgo the rec league if teams are 9U and up. 

Uniforms are not included in the team registration fee. The team registration fee only includes officials and flag belts for your players. 

Games begin mid-September. Below are what nights each OTM league will play on. Games are at 6pm, 7pm and 8pm younger kids play at the early times. 

2nd Grade/7U Division Wednesday Nights or Sunday Afternoons
3rd Grade/ 8U Division Wednesday Nights or Sunday Afternoons 
4th Grade/ 9U Division Tuesday Nights
5th Grade/ 10U Division Thursday Nights
6th Grade/ 11U Division Wednesday Nights
7th/8th Grade/ 12U/13U Division Monday Nights

Keep in mind if you have a competitive team that has to travel aways like Gardendale or Trussville we can always adjust the schedule if needed. If your team cannot make the 6pm games we can schedule 7pm or 8pm games only. Or if you prefer to travel into Hoover 4 times instead of 8 we can schedule you double headers every other week to help out with the travel. 

Division Winners of the OTM Competitive Flag Football League will receive a free team registration bid to the Southeast Flag Football Tournament the weekend of November 20th and 21st.

The City of Hoover has partnered with other surrounding cities in the Birmingham area to offer the OTM Competitive Youth Flag Football League. Cites include, Alabaster, Gardendale, Helena, Homewood, Moody, Mountain Brook, Tuscaloosa, Trussville and Vestavia. Other cities in the surrounding area are welcome to participate. Please email if your community is interested.

Below is the team registration form and a FAQ document. Any questions please call or email.

Below are the teams that participated in the Fall 2020 OTM Competitive Flag Football League

7U or 2nd Grade
Hoover (Priola)
Hoover (McQuenney)
Homewood (Muller)
Homewood (Perlis)

8/U or 3rd Grade 

Hoover (Gaydosh)
Homewood (Roberson)
Homewood (Knight)
Vestavia (Hunt)

9U or 4th Grade

10U or 5th Grade

Lions (Kitchens)
Hoover (Brothers)
Hoover Steelers (Priola)
Hoover Drip Squad (Price)
Vestavia (Liles) 
Gardendale (Crain)

11U or 6th Grade
Hoover Steelers (Priola)
Hoover (Mazzei)
Hoover (White)
Hoover Godspeed 
Hoover Stars (Price)

Below are travel tournaments in the state of Alabama for the 2021 season. 

November to Remember Tournament November 6th & 7th Dothan

Gardendale Invitational Tournament November 13th 

Southeast Tournament Championships November 20th & 21st Hoover 
Southeast Tournament link

Battle by the Bay Tournament December 4th and 5th Daphne

FFWCT World Championships January 8th and 9th Panama City Beach, FL