What is the Hoover Belle organization?

The Hoover Belles serve the city of Hoover by being hosts at charitable, school, community and civic events.   

The history of the hoop skirt.

As early as the 15th century in Spain, women wore “farthingales” under skirts to show their high social standing. Throughout the 17th and 18th centuries in France and England, women wore “panniers” that created the illusion of wider hips and allowed them to display elaborate fabrics and embroideries. The classic Victorian Era hoop skirt is an extension of these. Women’s clothing in high society before the hoop skirt was very impractical; their voluminous dresses were made from several layers of thick, heavy fabric. Suffragettes and other women’s rights advocates fought for a way that women could increase their mobility and freedom while still being on-trend. The hoop skirt allowed women to not be weighed down by heavy fabric. They were mass-produced, which allowed for affordability, and soon hoop skirts were seen across several economic classes including the working class. In the antebellum south this became an equality effort, and newly-freed women began to wear hoop skirts as a way to show their recently gained freedom. The hoop skirt became a symbol of liberation for both black and white women in America across several classes.

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2. What is the Hoover Belle organization?
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