What is the Hoover Belle pledge?
The Hoover Belle pledge reads as follows:

As a Hoover Belle, I am viewed as a leader in the community who represents the City of Hoover and charitable organizations as their hostess. I pledge to be responsible and dependable and will conduct myself with integrity, exhibiting outstanding character and moral conduct at all times. I understand this will include any of my postings on social media.

I pledge to be drug, alcohol, and tobacco free during my two-year term as a Hoover Belle. I will not have any of these substances on my person, nor will I cause suspicion of or participate in any activities involving these substances.

I pledge to uphold school rules and regulations.

I realize it is my responsibility to uphold the high standards that have been set for me. If I am in violation of upholding this conduct standard set forth, the Hoover Belle Committee may review my conduct and determine what action will be taken.

I have read this information and agree to adhere to this Hoover Belle pledge. If a violation of this pledge results in a review of my actions, I understand that the Hoover Belle Committee’s verdict may result in the termination of the remainder of my term as a Hoover Belle.

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