My neighbors topped their Crapemyrtle. Should I top mine?

Topping is a harmful and potentially destructive practice with any species of tree. Some smaller ornamental trees like crapemyrtle can tolerate annual topping but the benefits of this practice are questionable at best. A reduction in size or maintenance of a specific size can often be achieved in crapemyrtle but flower production is not enhanced and winter form along with other aesthetic characteristics are completely altered. Crapemyrtle is a diverse tree and one that is produced by growers in every size, shape, and color imaginable. If your yard space dictates a small crapemyrtle, you can buy a small crapemyrtle. And if you have a sizable lawn, there's a large crapemyrtle out there with your name on it.

Crapemyrtles that are properly planted in full sun, maintained as they should be and allowed to grow to their natural size tend to be some of the most beautiful, ornamental trees in the landscape. They are a "total package" tree with aesthetic as well as durability qualities from top to bottom. It's unfortunate that so many people still miss out on all the wonderful characteristics this species has to offer when it's allowed to just be itself!

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