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Flooding Event October 2021

  1. Property Type

    Please tell us about the property that sustained damage during the flooding event.

  2. Location
  3. Contact Information

    Your contact information will be used by the City of Hoover and County/State EMS Agencies should there be a need for further information about your damage and to provide you information about resources available to you for recovery.

  4. Consent*

    Do you consent to be contact directly by agencies partnering with the City of Hoover that are providing recovery assistance? Organizations such as American Red Cross, U.S. Small Business Administration, and Jefferson/Shelby Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster are examples of who might contact you.

  5. Disaster Information
  6. Death or Injury*

    Did anyone in your household suffer injury or death as a result of this event.

  7. Structure Type*
  8. Ownership*

    Does the person completing the report own or rent the property?

  9. Primary Residence*

    Is this property someone's primary residence?

  10. Displaced from Home*

    Were you displaced from your home due to utility outages or damage to your home?

  11. Transportation Lost*

    Did you lose your only method of transportation?

  12. How many secondary homes were lost? (If your secondary homes were rented to guests or generated income, please fill out a second survey for a business.)

  13. Damage Information
  14. Areas of Damage*

    Please select the areas of your home that were damaged.

  15. How Deep did the water get in inches from the ground level?

  16. Did Water Cover Electrical Outlets?*

    Did the water get over the electrical sockets inside the property?

  17. Septic System Damage*

    Was a septic system damaged during this event?

  18. Private Road Damage*

    Did you sustain damage to private roads on your property during this event?

  19. How many outbuildings were lost?

  20. Please provide an estimated value of the contents damaged with your home or business

  21. Insurance Coverages
  22. Flood Insurance*

    Is the property covered by flood insurance?

  23. Homeowners Insurance*

    Is the property covered by homeowners insurance?

  24. Photos

    Photographs are the single most important piece when assessing damage to a residence after a disaster.  Please include the following photos:

    • Photos of the exterior of the home, please include close up photographs of the waterline on the exterior, if applicable.
    • Photos of the interior of the home in the areas that are damaged due to the flooding. 
    • Photos of the water within your home or the exterior of your home if you have them. 

    Please include up to 10 photos of the damage to your residence.

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